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Milestone in the cemetery of S. Mamede de Infesta

(Originally published on April 13, 2007)

Emil Hübner identified a milestone dedicated to Emperor Hadrian found at Quinta do Dourado (or Quinta de Santo António, in Rua da Igreja Velha) which was later destroyed according to Martins Capela; however, this milestone could be now reused as the base of a cross in S. Mamede de Infesta cemetery (Porto); This milestone corresponds to the 31st mile of route XVI from Braga (Bracara Augusta) to Lisbon (Olisipo). Thanks to Alexandre Lima for sending the picture. Coordinates: 41.192346, -8.608485

vide route here – http://viasromanas.pt/#braga_lisboa

Roman Bridge of Negrelos rehabilitated

(Originally published on April 13, 2007)

The Roman Bridge of Negrelos over the Vizela River, linking the villages of Moreira de Cónegos and São Martinho do Campo is one of most important Roman vestige of the region. Despite being classified as a National Monument the bridge was in a pre-ruin situation (see photo) before its recent rehabilitation. What we see now is the result of several reconstructions over the centuries but there are still many signs of the original Roman bridge, as the overall structure with several arches and a flat pavement. Many materials were also reuse, namely several cushioned ashlars with the typical hole attesting the use of machinery in its construction. This bridge integrated a secondary route linking Guimarães to Porto. Coordinates: 41.366525, -8.355018

vide route here – http://viasromanas.pt/#via_vimaranes