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Milestone in the Chapel of St. Brissos

(Originally published on January 6, 2012)

Picture of a milestone that is today next to Chapel of St. Brissos (Santiago do Escoural, Montemor-o-Novo). It is likely that this milestone was displaced from the Roman road between Alcácer do Sal and Évora on the route to Mérida, which ran a little further south but it could be signalling another still unknown route. Photo kindly sent by Paulo Manços. Coordinates: 38.526076,-8.102848

Roman road section found in Évora

(Originally published on June 23, 2009)

A section of the Roman road that passed by the Évora aerodrome was discovered due to the works of the future Aeronautical Industry Park. Although the passage of a Roman road in this area was already known, following the crossing of the river Xarrama in the Old Bridge of Xarrama, this discovery clarifies the exact layout of the road. As this section is just outside the city, hopefully this time the road will be properly kept in tow of the important necropolis discovered there. This section would be part of Antonino’s Itinerary XXI, linking Ebora with Pace Julia (now Beja), passing the Serpa, Arucci and Fines stations for which there are no defined locations yet. It is assumed, however, that this road would go in the direction of Portel and Moura, continuing later by Serpa until Beja.

vide route here – https://viasromanas.pt/#evora_serpa

Milestone in the «Solar da Camoeira»

(Originally published on August 6, 2007)

Photos of the Camoeira milestone in the headquarters of the public company «Estradas de Portugal» in Évora. The milestone was found close to «Solar da Camoeira» on the Roman road linking Évora to Beja signalling 11 miles to Évora. Photos kindly sent by Paulo Manços. Coordinates: 38.555409, -7.909823

vide route here – https://viasromanas.pt/#evora_beja