This Blog is a journal about the Roman roads in Portugal.

It’s associated with my personal project initiated in 2004 to develop a website about Roman heritage now centralized under the domain:

The Blog “Vias Romanas” was originally published @ ‘viasromanas.blog.pt’ from 2007 to 2016. The service was has been be deactivated since then. The ‘new’ Blog will be written in English from now on to reach a wider audience. Some of the older posts were republished to make them available online again.

This a journal about my studies in roman roads. Portugal has indoubetely an impressive cultural heritage but sometimes other layers of its history are frequently overlooked. My work will hopefully raise some eyebrows of people visiting this unique country. The roman presence is sometimes subtle but always very impressive and lasting. This not the place for big momumental temples. Is about getting a real feeling of the Roman rural landscape still preserved in many regions. This journal and the associated website form a kind of a guide for those wanting to discover this historical and natural patrimony.

Main links:

Blog “Vias Romanas”: viasromanas.pt/blog

Roman Itineraries: viasromanas.pt

Information about Roman roads: viasromanas.pt/vrinfo.html

Georeferencing: www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1uIso916w2uKvjQ71mBXdaSqo5zw

All information of the site has free access but is protected by intellectual property rights; please contact me if you want to use some of the information available on the site.

Contact: Pedro Soutinho psoutinho@gmx.net