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Milestone in the «Solar da Camoeira»

(Originally published on August 6, 2007)

Photos of the Camoeira milestone in the headquarters of the public company «Estradas de Portugal» in Évora. The milestone was found close to «Solar da Camoeira» on the Roman road linking Évora to Beja signalling 11 miles to Évora. Photos kindly sent by Paulo Manços. Coordinates: 38.555409, -7.909823

vide route here – http://viasromanas.pt/#evora_beja

Another milestone discovered in Tomar

(Originally published on September 26, 2007 )

During renovation works taking place at Av. Norton de Matos in Tomar, two fragments of columns probably belonging to a milestone were unearthed. If this is the case, this landmark would belong to the Roman road linking Braga to Lisbon and passing in Tomar, then called Seilium. Given the proximity of the forum (at the back of the Municipal Fire Station) this milestone should thus indicate mile 94 from Lisbon, adding one more milestone to the following list:

  • Two milestones found in S. João do Couto and now in the Museu do Carmo in Lisbon; one dedicated to Tacitus, CIL II, 6197, and one to Maximian, CIL 6198;
  • Two milestones found in the Church of St. Maria dos Olivais;
  • A milestone discovered on Everard Street and buried there.

vide route here – http://viasromanas.pt/#condeixa_santarem

Milestone in the cemetery of S. Mamede de Infesta

(Originally published on April 13, 2007)

Emil Hübner identified a milestone dedicated to Emperor Hadrian found at Quinta do Dourado (or Quinta de Santo António, in Rua da Igreja Velha) which was later destroyed according to Martins Capela; however, this milestone could be now reused as the base of a cross in S. Mamede de Infesta cemetery (Porto); This milestone corresponds to the 31st mile of route XVI from Braga (Bracara Augusta) to Lisbon (Olisipo). Thanks to Alexandre Lima for sending the picture. Coordinates: 41.192346, -8.608485

vide route here – http://viasromanas.pt/#braga_lisboa