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Milestone in Gosendos

(Originally published on January 14, 2011)

Pictures of an unpublished milestone on the Roman road linking Braga to Tui. It was reused as pillar of a balcony in a rustic house located in the village of Gosendos, parish of Sapardos, municipality of Vila Nova de Cerveira, 34 miles north of Braga. This milestone is about 2 m high and its faces have been thinned out so no trace of letters could be seen now. In the same place there are also two pig sinks made of a granite very similar to the milestone and with a diameter of about 0.5 m that may have been excavated from fragments of other milestones as in the case of the milestone found in the village of Romarigães. The photos were kindly sent by Ricardo Nunes. Coordinates: 41.922896, -8.662120

vide route here – https://viasromanas.pt/#braga_tui