Milestones in Passau, Germany

(Originally published on April 2, 2009)

Some pictures I took in Passau, former Batavis located, in the Roman province of Noricum, at the confluence of the rivers Danube and Inn, a strategic place for the defence of the empire of the Germanic tribes. Photos of the two existing milestones in the city; one is in the outer garden of Boiotro Castle, built on Roman foundations and now home to the Römer Museum; the other milestone, still in situ, is on a corner of the old town, next to the old city gate, in line with the old Roman road along the Danube (Donausüdstraße) from Vindobona, present-day Vienna, passing Batavis (Boiodoro on Antonino’s Itinerary) currently Passau, then on to Quintianis (Künzing) and Regino (Regensburg).