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Milestone at Braga Cathedral

(Originally published on November 9, 2011)

Pictures of the milestone dedicated to Emperor Nerva on display on one of the entrances to the cloister of Braga’s Cathedral together with other Roman materials. This fragment was found in a farm called «Quinta do Outeiro» on the outskirts of the city in Frossos. The picture shows the lateral cut resulting from its reuse as a mill stone st the farm. The milestone was surely dislocated from its original position next to the Roman road connecting Bracara Augusta (Braga) to Tuda (Tui) and by its position it indicated 2 miles to Bracara Augusta.

vide route here – http://viasromanas.pt/#braga_tui

Milestones in the chapel of São Bartolomeu das Antas

(Originally published on November 30, 2010)

The construction of the Chapel of S. Bartolomeu das Antas near Rubiães reused 6 milestones found on the region; two of them support the chapel porch, one dedicated to Magnentius signalling 31 miles to Bracara Augusta (Braga) while the other is dedicated to Nerva indicating 36 miles. The remaining milestones are buried in upright position around the chapel: one dedicated to Julian of mile 33, one to Maximinus Thrax and his son Maximus, one to Maximinus Daia with unreadable miles and finally one without inscription. Pictures of the milestones in the Chapel of S. Bartolomeu sent by Ricardo Nunes. Coordinates: 41.899527, -8.642961

Vide route here – http://viasromanas.pt/#braga_tui